Los Angeles Based Artist Michael Todd Serr was born November 13th, 1963 in Geneva, Nebraska. A descendant of German/Russians that had migrated from a small village just outside of Odessa, Michael was heavily influenced by his German speaking Grandparents Calvin and Maria Serr. On his Mother’s side he was also influenced by his Swiss and Irish Grandparents. From a very young age Michael enjoyed the family stories of his ancestors rising from their hardships and making their way to America. With a family history rich in adventure and cultural experiences, Michael was unwittingly groomed to live a life of adventure and travel.

At the age of two, Michael’s parents moved from the Midwest to the West Coast to live a more Bohemian lifestyle. With interests in behavioral studies, cultural exploration, fine arts, martial arts and professional athletics; Michael attributes his diversity in interests to his unique upbringing that didn’t encourage or discourage any particular path; he was allowed freely to follow his dreams.

After passing up a career in art, Michael pursued his dreams of travel and adventure by becoming a professional fighter and an international bodyguard. Keeping his proclivity for art a secret from most people, Michael has always considered his artistic abilities a gift that he would keep to himself. Other than a short period in school when he was awarded achievement honors and scholarships for his art that was allowed to be publicly displayed, Michael opted never again to show to the public. Although he immensely enjoyed creating art, he was never sold on the idea of selling his paintings in the galleries that sought his work. With a belief that art is above contest he has held fast to his conviction that, "Art is too subjective to be Judged for the sake of earning medals and trophies" and refuses to participate in art competitions.

On behalf of his Mother’s last wish to see him continue his art, he actively began painting again but only shared his artistic visions with his closest friends and family. Only through their persistant encouragement to share his work to others, did he decide to sell his creations on the private art market where it is now in high demand. Ironically, after stepping away from his art for decades, Michael returns with a better understanding of humanity and a great deal more to say.

“As an artist I am a slave to no one “thing”, no one “style”, or no one “Way”. Art is my freedom. It is the manifestation of the visions that swirl around in my head and the record of my physical rhythm. To understand my art is to know me. Stripped of life’s top layers, it is the essence of my being.”

                                                                                                                       -Michael Todd Serr